Happy Hanukkah Words

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Hanukkah is when you can get close to the people who commemorate it. Wish them the best of this fest with the Happy Hanukkah Words Chao cards. This "Hanukkah Words" card features an intricate holiday-themed pop-up as the 3D centerpiece.

These Happy Hanukkah words cards can help you comprehend the cultural diversity of people from diverse cultural identities and make you more adaptable to imbibe inclusive culture.

Celebrate, commemorate and spread Happiness with Chao Cards!!

WHAT'S INCLUDED: A 5.5” x 6.7’’ 3D pop up holiday card. This "Hanukkuh Words" card features an intricate holiday themed pop up as the 3D centerpiece. Each unique card also includes a white envelope and a protective polybag seal.


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