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Bee Well Soon Pop-Up Card Smiley x Chao

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Cover: Bee Well Soon

Description: Brighten up someone's day and send a swarm of positivity with our 5.5" x 6.7" "Bee Well Soon" greeting card, crafted in an exclusive partnership with Smiley®. This unique blend melds the universally recognized radiance of Smiley® faces with the playful allure of honeybees, ensuring a burst of happiness even on gloomy days. At the heart of the card, a jubilant bee sports the infectious Smiley® grin, offering a delightful visual pun that's sure to raise spirits. Whether someone's recovering from a setback or just in need of a little pick-me-up, this cheerful fusion of wordplay and imagery is the perfect antidote to brighten their mood.

Envelope: The card also comes with a white sealable envelope for easy and convenient mailing. The protective polybag seal ensures that the card remains in pristine condition until it is received by the recipient.

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