Private Labeling / Wholesalers

We provide our products to retailers through a business to business sale where they can sell their end customers through E-Commerce websites, store – fronts etc.

With wholesaling we sell large quantities of our pop-up cards to other businesses at a much lower prices bringing higher margin on their end where they can sell at a keystoned price. We can also customize private labeling such as company logo, qr code, etc. onto our pop-up cards.

  •   Private Labeling
  •   Business to Business (B2B)
  •   High volume, low cost


  •  Seperate yourself from your competitors
  •  Create your own marketing identity


  •  Build customer loyalty
  •  Market your brand and create demand for it


  •   Tailor the packaging and labels to specified it
  •   Promote stronger customer recognition and loyalty

Increased Revenue

  •  Lower cost
  •   Higher profit margins

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