Three Reasons Why Cards Mean More in the Digital Age

The digital age has brought with it a plethora of computerized greeting cards from well-known websites. Even so, genuine paper cards are far from being out of style. If anything, they’re even more meaningful in the digital age.  Following are reasons why customers may appreciate receiving a real card over a digital “e-card”.

Time + Effort = More Caring

It takes more time and effort to send out real cards than it does to select an E-card and have it automatically sent to your mailing list. People recognize the sentiment behind the time it takes to pick out a paper card with the addition of a handwritten personalized message.

They Stand Out

Nowadays most people are bombarded with spam mail in their email inbox, and it’s easy to have your digital card to get lost in the mix. Paper cards are almost guaranteed to stand out because so few people send them anymore. The feeling people get when receiving a card in their home mailbox is much more memorable than clicking an e-card in their email account.That is why people are much more inclined to hold onto a paper card and display it on their desk, refrigerator, or mantle.

They Reach Everyone

When people display your paper card at home or at the office, the card is now a physical display of your message. Visitors will now be exposed to those cards and see the message that was given.  For customers, this means their message will reach well beyond just the intended audience.  In a way, a physical card can be more “viral” than an email that will likely just be deleted.

Thankfully, sending out paper greeting cards doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Chao Cards offer a wide range of greetings cards that can be easily ordered in bulk. For consumers, Chao Cards are perfect for a unique and memorable gift. For distributors, Chao Cards offers quick turnaround times on customized bulk orders, as well as competitive prices on high-quality materials. To learn more about how Chao Cards and how we can help you create a unique greeting experience, contact our team today.