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Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Season

The holiday season represents a large portion of your yearly revenue. For some industries, holiday sales might account for as much as 30% of their yearly income. You’ll likely see a very significant drop in sales through January and February, as well. So the way that you prepare for the holiday season is integral to your shop’s success.

Top 5 Priorities to Prepare for Holiday Success

You know how important the season is to the success of your business. This list will help you better organize to meet and exceed sales projections.

Review Last Year’s Sales. If you were in business last year, take stock of your analytics. What were your best selling items? Who were your best customers? Consider focusing a majority of your time on successful previous products, and reconnect with clients you sold to during the last holiday season.

Stock with Purpose. After you’ve studied last year’s sales and current industry trends, organizing the purchasing list should be easier, with less guesswork. Don’t forget to ask customers if they’d like you to carry something – this can be a great way to increase customer loyalty.

Build Your Greeting Card Options. The greeting card category is an integral industry during the season. The holiday season represents the largest sales season for the card industry. For your customers, it offers a great convenience if they can get custom greeting cards while buying other holiday-oriented products. Greeting cards are a convenient and perfect complement to holiday gifts and events.

Refine Your Marketing Plan Early. It’s never too early to start planning your marketing calendar for the holidays. You can fine tune for the next holiday season right after the last season, so it’s fresh in your mind. You’ll want to include multiple channels – social media and online marketing, in-store promotions, deals and emails for regular customers, etc.

Adequately Staff. The holiday season can be stressful in business. Make sure that you have enough staff and that they’re trained well before the buying rush starts.

The holiday season offers a magical time for your business to better serve your customer base. If you’re looking for unique cards to make your one cheer with glee, contact Chao Cards today.

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