Chao Cards creates and offers a wide variety of inspirational, hand-crafted 3D pop up greeting cards for any occasion. Our Chao Cards are inspired by origami and kirigami, the art of cutting and folding in certain designs to produce a true work of paper-art.

The idea behind our name is simple. Each of our unique cards is a form of greeting that speaks for itself in any language. “Chao” is a Vietnamese greeting meaning “hello”, but it also a form of greeting in many other languages such as Italian and Spanish. Our cards are universally understood and can unfold memories for everyone!

Our Vision

Our vision is to help you share and celebrate your amazing stories and memories one pop up at a time… We want to see you have the same excited and surprised reaction we did when opening one of our cards. Let us help you share your story through our one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted 3D greeting cards!

Our Process

We are still astonished at how much time and effort is put into making each and every 3D greeting card. Every design is cut precisely using a high power laser. Once the components are cut, they are carefully assembled by hand to produce a beautiful finish.

We strive to think outside-the-box so the best part of our whole process is that every step can be fully customized to tell your unique story. We will help you to create an entirely custom card of your own by helping you with from A-to-Z.

It All Starts With An Idea.

Share with us how you imagine your card will look, and our designers will realize it into an amazingly unique pop up.

Laser Cut & Imprint

The design is digitized and sent over to our laser cutting machine. We can also laser cut or imprint the inside and outside of each pop up greeting card, with your own logo and message to make it more personal.

Individually Hand Assembled

Each card is hand assembled with extreme attention to detail in our facility in Vietnam. This ensures consistent quality for every pop up greeting card.

Our History & Roots

Chao is a subsidiary of D&D Unlimited Inc., an international marketing and sourcing company that has over 10 years of experience in providing global sourcing solutions and creative marketing services. Our headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida.

Using our years of manufacturing and logistics experience from D&D Unlimited Inc., we established our manufacturing team in Vietnam. This was also dear to us, as many of our team members were either from or have family roots in Vietnam.

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Our Facility

Our manufacturing facility, located in Vietnam, is run by our team of highly skilled experts in creating paper-art. Our facility has received high remarks by audits performed by third-party inspectors.

Our passionate manufacturing team strives to share our amazing Chao Cards with the rest of the world while maintaining excellent quality and standards.