Chao Cards creates and offers a wide variety of inspirational, hand-crafted 3D pop up greeting cards for any occasion.

A true reflection of the product, Chao Cards’ name is a welcoming gesture. In Vietnamese and Japanese—the supplier’s manufacturing plant is in Vietnam—“chao” is a greeting that means “hello”; and a salutation with similar renditions in other languages, including Italian, Swiss-German and French (“ciao”), Spanish (“chau”) and Finnish (“tsau”). This adds to the cards’ representation as universally understood, memorable offerings.

The origin of the cards’ designs is rooted in origami, the process of folding paper, and kirigami, the process of folding and cutting paper, both with the intent to create art. The term “origami” comes from the Japanese root words “ori,” meaning “to fold,” and kami, meaning “paper,” and is thought to have originated in Japan during the sixth century, or 501-600AD. So with every Chao Card, recipients carry with them an art form that is more than 1,500 years in the making—with a modern twist: all of the cards are made using machinery that cuts the designs meticulously, though they are still assembled by hand.


Chao Cards is a subsidiary of D&D Unlimited Inc., an international marketing and OEM manufacturing company that has over 15 years of experience in providing global manufacturing and creative marketing services.  Our headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida.

The cards have arrived. They’re just gorgeous! Thank you to you and your staff that made these for us! They will definitely make a difference for us when we say thank you to our clients! Thank you for all that you have done. – Kathy G.

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